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Large-scale production of creative variations is easier than ever.  Yet the industry still falls short of delivering a solution with insights, intelligence and algorithms to determine which creative to serve.  

The Adacus Creative-Side Platform does for creative optimization what the DSP did for media buying.  We are fully committed to improving the performance of your digital creative strategy through advanced testing and personalization, and have invested deeply in data collection and optimization technology to become the market leader in creative optimization.

Creative Insights & A/B Testing

Before Adacus

Advertisers are blind about creative performance, because their ad servers are designed around media reporting.*

After Adacus

  • Get A/B test results 2-3x faster with Bayesian Stats Engine
  • Full funnel conversion rates including call center & retail sales
  • Run multiple tests simultaneously with Multivariate Testing
  • Householding for true user-level split testing
  • Drill down in A/B test results into 1000+ audience segments
  • Creative Insights dashboard to Doubleclick and other ad servers
  • Tag creatives by messages and creative elements 
  • Visualize relative influence of creatives within a rotation
  • Test banners, rich media and video

Precise Personalization

Before Adacus

Dynamic creative limited to rigid feed-based personalization

After Adacus

  • Intuitive Creative Decision Tree & DCO user interface
  • 1000+ built-in cookie-less contextual and demographic targets
  • Custom contextual targets
  • Sales trends & recommendation engines
  • Nearest Retailer and Nearest Store algorithms

* Rotation optimization (in DCM or Facebook) for creative testing lacks randomized split uses last touch attribution.  Ad servers such as Doubleclick use last touch attribution to measure creative performance, leaving advertisers blind as to relative creative effectiveness, and doesn't organize creatives by creative concepts and elements.


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